The effects of divorce.

Is peaceful divorce possible?

How much does Collaborative Divorce cost?

Is Collaborative Divorce easier?

You are not alone

Every year, thousands of couple decide it’s time to divorce. This decision is difficult, painful, and heart-wrenching. And…what follows can be peaceful, respectful, private and economical.

Would you like to…


  • protect your children during the divorce process?
  • meet the needs of all family members simultaneously with the help of an experienced attorney?
  • avoid expensive and destructive litigation?
  • preserve family connections during and after a difficult divorce?


Mediators and Collaborative divorce attorneys are experienced and specially trained conflict resolution specialists. We focus on the family’s strengths, not each other’s weaknesses, to help you access your best selves during a divorce. Depending on your situation, other neutral specialists such as a communication coach, a child expert or a financial analyst are available to meed the unique needs of your family.

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