About Me


I’d been representing individuals, families, organizations and other legal disputes for years using traditional legal processes such as arbitration and litigation. About 10 years ago, I transitioned my practice to one providing assistance exclusively in peaceful family law matters. Since then, I’ve undertaken over 750 hours of specialized training in mediation and Collaborative Law processes to assist couples who wish to mutually resolve their own issues respectfully and economically.


And then…I got divorced myself and I received a lesson in just how different and difficult things are on my clients’ side of the mediation table.  Divorce is absolutely one of the hardest things most of us ever go through, even when everyone is acting with the very best of intentions. Over the last 30 years or so, conflict resolution professionals have developed safe, structured approaches  to support transitioning families.  To navigate these rough waters, couples need a sturdy boat and an experienced pilot to cross safely to the other side. We now have the tools and training available to help families in divorce,  especially those with children, avoid the traditional adversarial, expensive and unnecessarily painful litigation process. Finally, there is a humane alternative.


My goal is to help each person that I work with access his or her best self and have available the necessary resources to achieve a peaceful divorce.

Discover more through my practice group, Bridges Collaborate Divorce Solutions.

Bridges Professionals include Mediators, Lawyers, a Child Specialist, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and Divorce Coaches. Learn more HERE.


I’m also a long time board member of the Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals (“OACP”), a state-wide organization of attorneys, mediators and other professionals dedicated to protecting children and assisting families with peaceful divorces.