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Special Consultations: $250 and up

Maybe your separation or divorce seems pretty simple because you and your partner are in apparent agreement on most points.  That’s a good place to be. But, even in the most agreeable of situations, it’s still crucial to avoid overlooking important details or legal requirements that may not be obvious to you.  Some couples feel they really don’t need a full mediation process to resolve their issues.  For those who prefer a more “DIY” divorce, I am available to provide just the limited help that you might require such as:

  • Answering relevant legal questions
  • Explaining the court process
  • Reviewing & correcting legal forms (if you prepare & file those yourself)
  • Considering how to handle retirement benefits (to avoid taxes and penalties)
  • Identifying other tax issues (filing joint or separate returns, sharing tax deductions, etc.)
  • Providing advice, strategy and coaching as you negotiate with your partner
  • Preparing & filing legal papers for you (once you have agreed on all issues)

Handling Your Legal Papers: $850

Many people find the Oregon on-line legal forms to be very non-user friendly. If you’re in that category, and have reached a full agreement on all relevant issues, I am available to prepare, file and process all the mandatory legal dissolution papers through the court system for a flat fee of $850. This includes:

  • A free consultation to discuss the options, and ensure this is the right fit for your situation
  • Completion of a short questionnaire with the information necessary for the paperwork
  • Drafting all the required forms for your review and approval
  • Processing the forms through the court system to ensure they are approved by the Judge (usually within 2 to 3 weeks).

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