For Therapists

I am privileged to work closely with many skilled therapists. A frequent concern I hear from them is that the typical litigation mode of divorce is harmful to families (especially children) and inconsistent with the healing and therapeutic work that individuals and couples need at this time.  Thankfully, the legal profession is finally offering options more consistent with the care that clients are being provided by our mental health colleagues.


When a client decides that divorce is their best option…


  • What opportunities are there for you to continue to assist (instead of having to passively watch as the legal process undermines your client’s progress)?
  • How can your therapeutic work be supported as the family restructures itself?
  • How can your knowledge and experience continue to be available to help clients as they move forward?


Therapists, are the BEST possible resource to help clients engage in a healthy, rather than a destructive, divorce process. And, you can continue to play a crucial role throughout: reaching the difficult decision to divorce, helping decide who will live where, managing depression, keeping parents focused on meeting the needs of their children, recognizing that how peacefully a couple divorces is a key factor in their future ability to co-parent effectively, etc.

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